"1st you harmonize, then you customize"   ~ Wilson Pickett

Some add-on's we can add to the beauty templates to customize for your day

Marta’d of  Makeup:                                                                     

***My most popular a la carte service and here's why:

You’ve probably heard of a Maitre’d. A person who exclusively handles the needs of the bride and bridal party.  Well, Maitre’d of Makeup is the same. However, only handling your beauty needs as well as the groom and anyone serviced on your wedding day. Such as controlling any shine or keeping your lips hydrated and saturated with color.

This option is great if:

• You’re having first looks

• Being photographed after your reception

• Transforming your ceremony makeup application to your custom reception makeup application.

Additional Makeup Design  Application:  

Do you have more than 2 people in your bridal party? Not a problem, with this add-on service we can customize your Signature Wedding Package to your bridal party. This service definitely includes faux lashes and the option of airbrush if desired. 

Tattoo Cover-up     

Flawlessly camouflaging any color tattoo to your skin complexion. I will temporally cover-up and waterproof your unique art for your wedding day. 

Custom Quote email for inquires Bridal@ShaleiraSmith.com

Male Grooming:                          

It's his day too, so why not. Shaleira Smith Bridal will make sure the groom and groomsmen are photo-ready. 

• Barbering service 

• Evening his complexion

• getting rid of any redness under his eye

• Controlling any sweat, 

• Making sure his lips are hydrated and smooth for your first kiss.

Custom Foundation:                                 

Do you have a tough time finding the correct foundation for your skin tone? With Xsulvice Blend I'm able to create your foundation from scratch.  With pure pigments and skin enhancing ingredients. I will develop, from scratch, a custom liquid foundation to your beautiful complexion and skin type. 

Destination Weddings:

Destination weddings are just as beautiful and sentimental. Yet, finding a makeup artist you can trust can become stressful in unfamiliar territory. Therefore, I will travel length-ways for you. Making you feel at ease because your preferred bridal artist is there alongside you on your day. Please email Shaleira Smith Bridal at Bridal@ShaleiraSmith.com for all destination inquiries. 


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