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Congratulations on your engagement and thank you for visiting my website. My name is Shaleira Smith, founder of Shaleira Smith Bridal. I must say no matter how many weddings I am a part of, the excitement for each bride never diminishes. My love and involvement for the makeup industry came about in 2010. Since then, I have had the pleasure working New York Fashion Week, US Figure Skating Championships, commercials, being featured in magazines, bridal blogs and of course worked with some amazing brides.

I created Shaleira Smith Bridal to bring my two loves, fashion and bridal, together.  Allowing modern day brides & grooms an on-site experience. While getting ready and being pampered on their wedding day as if their backstage at a show. However, having an attentive makeup artist/ male groomer recreate your signature makeup application which we previously designed together at your makeup design appointment. As you sit in the makeup chair and everything around you is coming together, all you can think about is walking down your runway, the aisle, towards your fiancé looking radiant. That’s the experience and assurance I give to my brides.

As a natural beauty expert, I specializing in airbrush technique and creating custom liquid foundations, Xclusive Blend. I’m able to create various makeup applications from natural & soft, elegant, and/or romantic; to dramatic& stylish.  I’ll distinguish your unique bone structures, enhance them naturally along with your eyes. Personifying your custom signature wedding day application to illustrate your very best.

I not only service brides. However, I service grooms too. Marriage is a unity between two individuals. Therefore, both parties should receive service on their day, right? I'll make sure the groom is photo ready. His complexion is even, any redness under the eye is gone, and his lips are soft, fully hydrated for your first kiss.

The understanding that I am one of many key elements to your perfect day. Therefore, corresponding not only with you but with your wedding planner, photographer, and Maître’d is extremely important to me. I know the unity of all your vendors will only create your signature day with less stress.

At the touch of love, everyone turns into an artist. As you and your fiancé continue to create your love story, know that I help create and provide your beauty story.

Sincerely your bridal makeup artist,

Shaleira Smith

CEO of Shaleira Smith Bridal


For more fashion credibility please visit www.ShaleiraSmithMakeup.com or Instagram account @ShaleiraSmithMakeup

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