“She wrote love with her smile and magic in her eyes” –Giovanni de Sadele


I cannot believe it has been over 12 years since I’ve begun my journey in the beauty and fashion industry. I have to thank my mother for seeing a gift within me I didn’t even know I had. Through these magical years, I have had a remarkable journey. Started in bridal, then merged into the fashion industry: working on photoshoots, published in magazines,  working at fashion week, and then transitioning back into bridal (click here to see resume). In doing so, I found my puzzle piece of joy and completion. As a professional makeup artist, I’m able to create and execute the vision you see yourself on your wedding day. Even though we'll create your wedding makeup look together at your trial. There is a magical moment when you see yourself for the first time in your dress with your veil, jewelry on, hair is done, and then the final piece... your makeup. A sparkle shines in your eyes, as a smile of joy and completion appears. Every time that happens, I too feel complete and joyous all over again. I'm looking forward to us sharing this feeling of joy on your wedding day.                                                                                                                                                                               Shaleira 

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