My Letter to You...

“She wrote love with her smile and magic in her eyes” –Giovanni de Sadele


I cannot believe it’s been 12 years since I’ve begun my journey in the beauty and fashion industry. I have to thank my mother for seeing a gift within me I didn’t even know I had. Through these amazing years, I have had a remarkable journey. Starting in the fashion industry on photoshoots, working for magazines, retail companies, traveling, working at fashion week, and then transitioning into bridal. Where I began to fall in love with another view of magic and completion. The missing puzzle piece not only for me but for my brides. You see, as a makeup artist, I’m able to create and execute the vision you want to look like on your wedding day. However, even though we create it together before. There is a magical moment when you see yourself for the 1st time in your dress, with your vail, jewelry on, hair did and the final piece... your makeup is done. A sparkle shines in your eyes, as a smile of joy and completion appears. Every time that happens, I too feel complete. And once again, I have found my missing puzzle piece all over again.

Shaleira Smith

"The Mademoiselle of Beauty & Finance"

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